The Platinum Pack

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Have film but no way to edit it? Let R.A.W.E. handle it!

Send in up to 50 plays that you would want to have included in the 4-6 minute highlight film.

From there, our video-editing team will break it down, sort your clips by play-type, and organize them in a way that shows their skills in an awesome light. The film will include spot-shadowing or a directional-arrow indicating the student-athlete of focus.

Clients can also submit a video-interview of the student-athlete which depicts them answering questions that R.A.W.E. would email upon purchase. We would include the interview in the film. Please limit the interview to 60 seconds or less.

Client tapes will run through our website and social media channels where scouts, coaches, media personnel, and fans will huddle to check out the talent. A listing of stats, awards, and contact info can be included as a client-option at no cost. Clients also receive a digital copy of the film for their own distribution.

No more head-scratching & confused looks while trying to edit film, yourselves.

R.A.W.E. has you covered.

Let’s work!