The Mission


To foster athletic, academic, societal, and fiscal growth among students & student-athletes across the state of Florida. We will encourage community advancement through partnership, mentorship, and belief in the next generation.


To inspire a generation of youth who are equipped to win in sport, school, and life. 



We continuously strive to learn more about the field we've immersed ourselves in. Whether it be sport or academia-related, the goal of pursuing knowledge within our realm remains constant. The pursuit does nothing but help us, and the youth, become more versed in what we love. 


If our student-athletes do not have a platform to showcase their skills, then the dream falls by the wayside. If our students are not made aware of the vast possibilities that await them outside of their hometowns, we have failed them. We have a duty to expose the youth to multiple ways of becoming a success. 


The mission, vision, & values do not work unless we band together for the good of the future. We will be open-minded with our ideas and refrain from chastising one another. We will work with each other to ensure that we create only the best this organization has to offer. 


We're about finding out HOW something can work, vs. WHY it can't. The belief we have in our organization to change the lives of many will be reflected in our words, and in our actions. "Faith, without works, is dead".


It takes a village to raise a child, but it can take as little as one person to leave a lasting imprint on a person's life. We are unafraid to help guide the youth, be transparent, and assist them in anyway possible. 


We cannot teach love & humility to this next generation if we don't exude it amongst ourselves. We will approach one another with high regard, speak to each other with respect, and ensure this message is cemented into the minds of our youth.