Vanguard Knights Hand Buchholz Bobcats First Loss In Convincing Style

- Gainesville, Florida. Written By: Wes Trotta.

On Friday night, the Knights traveled to Citizens Field, Gainesville for the second straight week. Like the first week, the Knights left with a win after throttling the Bobcats 41-12 in a matchup that seemed completely lopsided in the second half.

As convincing as the final score may seem, the Knights actually got off to a slow start. Bobcats running back, Quandarius Smith got things rolling with a touchdown run on the Bobcats opening drive. That would be the last time the Bobcats were in front.

After a blocked PAT, the Knights only needed one play to get in front. Trevonte Rucker high pointed the ball on a deep pass from quarterback, Stephen Curry. It was an impressive touchdown that took a lot of athleticism. However, Rucker wasn’t satisfied.

“I can do better,” Rucker said.

From that moment on, the Knights got the ground game going, thanks in large part to running back Dewayne Mcbride. Knights head coach Edwin Farmer said, “It was the Dewayne Mcbride show.”

And it was. Play after play, he made defenders miss or just ran them over. His first touchdown of the night put the Knights up 13-6 at halftime.

The Dewayne Mcbride show continued in the second half with him consistently toting the rock for positive yards. Mcbride was humble with his success and credited the men up front,.

“It starts with the offensive line," he said.

Leaning on Mcbride was the Knights strategy, “We got our receivers that are pretty good too,” Farmer said, “they really almost had a night off.”

While the receivers did not have to carry the offense, they certainly did not get the night off.

The next two scores were gutsy calls on fourth down. Both big throws from Curry. The first was to Tevin Williams, who took advantage of his matchup,.

“I already knew it was gonna be a touchdown,” Williams said, “'cause they had me matched up with a linebacker.”

Leonard Manuel, Florida Gator commit, was on the receiving end of the ensuing fourth down attempt. However, it did not matter who lined up across the 4-star prospect.

“I knew my quarterback was looking for me 'cause it was fourth down,” Manuel said, “and I’m obviously the mismatch.”

Williams and Manuel’s impressive fourth down touchdowns extended the Knights lead, 27-6. After that, the Bobcats scored on a quarterback run from Jack Hevesy.

Then the Knights continued the Mcbride show. He found the end zone for his second score on a long run down the sideline. This touchdown was the last time the Knights offense would put up points, but not the last time the team would find the end zone.

Cornerback Desmond Dailey jumped a pass in the flat and returned it for six for the games dagger. It was not the first time Dailey got his hands on the ball. He intercepted a pass in the first quarter and almost had several others.

“When the ball’s in the air, it’s mine,” Dailey said. “No one else can get it.” He proved that statement during this game.

Coach Farmer was asked if he was surprised by the Bobcats willingness to throw the ball in Dailey’s direction. He answered with yes, but understands the Bobcats choice. The Knights have two great corners on the outside and Farmer knows teams have to pick one.

“Tyrin Wilson is good too,” Farmer said, “And you gotta make your pick, both those guys are gonna make plays on the football.”

Dailey was the Bobcats pick, and he made them pay, on Friday.

His pick-six was the last score of the game, sending the Knights home undefeated with 41-12 victory, while the Bobcats suffered their first loss.

Players of The Game:

Vanguard's Dewayne McBride, RB: Two touchdowns and a two-point conversion catch. Consistently made defenders missed and picked up positive yards.

Vanguard's Desmond Dailey, CB: Two interceptions, including a pick-six at the end. Always had his hand on the ball and broke up several passes. Teams should really think twice about throwing towards him.