The R.A.W.E. Five: SWFL Hoops Showcase - Day One

chris cornish, dyanis jimenez, justin gollupp, kevin hernandez, logan clauser -

The R.A.W.E. Five: SWFL Hoops Showcase - Day One

By Jerome Reed:

Ed Chery & U.S. Amateur Basketball teamed up for the inaugural event down in Port Charlotte, Florida. In EVERY gym, talent is somewhere on that hardwood--the Harold Rec Center was no different. Check out some names who stood out at the coed event.

Chris Cornish - Team Swish 2024: The 6’5” swingman really couldn’t be kept from scoring in the paint. He has the skill to take defenders off-the-dribble and get to the rack, no problem. Definitely liked his rebounding effort. Hitting 33 points vs. “Big Daug Elite” earned the nickname “Cash Chris”. Cornish has a somewhat Jalen Green frame, would like to see him take a few more jumpshots as he grows.

Justin Gollopp - One Way Lions 2025: This kid needs to know he’s a leader right now. Continue to develop that, because it’s noticeable on and off the floor. He’s on the shorter end, maybe about 5’10”. Still, the motor is TOUGH. Gollopp spread out his 23 total points vs. the Florida Aces. Twelve came in the first half. The floater is cash. He’s comfortable taking contact on the way to the cup. He’ll finish even with the foul.

Kevin Hernandez - Powerhouse Bulls 2027: Going into the story, I planned to focus on the high school hoopers. Definitely have to make room for the 7th grader who put up 27 points vs. the P.C. Pirates. He has another five years to grow & fill out, but his decision-making skills are solid for his class. Like his pace with the ball when in-transition. Kev can attack the rim or give you the outside jumper—take your pick.

D’Yanis Jimenez - Wolfpack 2023: The woman can ball, y’all. Stands at around 5’7”, and runs the point guard role, effortlessly. She knows how to set her teammates up. Jimenez creates a lot of transition chances with how she attacks the passing lanes on defense. She came away with some steals because of it. Offensively, she loves getting into the paint & working the midrange spots. Moves without the ball, well. Finished with a 20-ball in the game I watched. Check her out, this season.

Logan Clauser - Team Swish 2022: One of the top shooters on the day, the 6’4” guard proved he can be a true threat when on the floor. Clauser’s a stout guy, doesn’t mind getting physical. He can take the bumps on the way to the hoop. But really, the jumper from beyond 16-17 feet is polished. Hit three treys in a double-digit win. This season, the senior will prove that he’s worth a shot.